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Over twenty years ago, while I was still in school I emceed my first event and really liked holding the reins on stage. It's great to offer all forms of art, information and entertainment a safe environment, to get the crew, employees, artists and the audience's all excited and involved and to make sure that everything runs smoothly and calm. Especially in times where things are not going that well and everyone's nervous.

Since the days of my first Emcee job, I had the chance to try out and test myself in various industries and fields. While I was in school I worked as stagehand, rental car agent, night porter and unskilled worker. Then, to support my music studies (tuba, performance) in Feldkirch and Liverpool, I sold cell phone plans, worked as sound technician, founded an ad agency together with friends, produced and performed in Frank Zappa's Musical "Thing-Fish", was allowed to have my own little radio show on air, helped manage large concerts and got engagements in Germany and Austria to emcee events in either German or English or both languages. This continued during my time with the Bregenz Festival and the San Francisco Opera.

To whet your appetite for hiring me as your Emcee, you'll find a fine selection of events, videos (in English) and an audio sample (in German) from my radio show 'SOUND in V' in the sections below.

Now that I am freelance, I have the time and chance to emcee your corporate event, gala, award show, trade fair (multiple days), press conference, product launch, festival, concert, you name it, so please do not hesitate to drop me a line or give me a call whenever you feel like it. I'll be there!

Thank you very much.

Daniel Knapp



Daniel in action



One of the world's leading woodworking machinery specialists called their annual Kick Off Meeting and everyone followed the invite; from Brazil, the USA, the Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, et al.

Amidst the international crowd were Olivia Peter and I. What an evening, let me tell you.
Olivia bedazzled everyone in German while I took over the English part of the ceremonies. Together we were able to give everyone the possibility to understand what was going on and we even got a couple of laughs throughout the evening.

And I am sure that no one left the event hungry or without their hard-earned Johann Award for extraodinary services to the company.

A great start to a new year business year.



Vienna is beautiful and always worth a visit.
Audiences in Bregenz and Salzburg were able to get their Viennese fix during the Vienna Shadow Play Festival, because the Vienna Tourism Board went the extra mile and brought a bit of Vienna to both cities. The festival featured a shadow making machine, shadow dance and a lot of charm that attracted attention for the town with the best quality of living.

Audiences at the free open-air event sat in thrall as the international dance ensemble's artfully choreographed shadow theatre unfolded on stage in front of them. The performance took in some of Vienna's best-loved tourist attractions and recreated famous paintings by leading Viennese artists such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. It even included trips to the Danube Island Festival and fashion shows. The shadow dance event was hosted by the Vienna Tourist Board in partnership with the flowmotion dance company.

I would like to herewith thank you again. You’ve done a great job. Everyone liked it a lot. I only heard very good things.

About me

Personal facts

Residence | Hergensweiler (Allgaeu, Lake Constance, tri-state-area)

Born | 1976

Height | 193cm, 6'4.5"

Eye Color | brown

Hair Color | black/gray

Size | XXL

Shoe size | EU49, US14

Voice Type | Baritone


Foreign Languages | English (US & UK), French & Italian (basics)

Accents | Swabian, West-Austrian

Instruments | Tuba, Voice, Drums

Miscellaneous | Production Management, Design, Creating things from scratch

Interests | Music, Travel, Technology, Entertainment, Family