Consulting & Education

“If knowledge is power, shared knowledge is a superpower!” - Daniel Knapp

AGORA goes Lunch Break Rave

The Music Center Musiikkitalo is one of the homes for the University of the Arts Helsinki. The Arts Management Master Degree students chose to organize a Silent Lunch Break Rave as part of my most recent Production Management course. During lunch, open to the public and squat in the middle of the university beehive. It worked!


Teamwork is the foundation of all forms of collaboration, and while we face many challenges alone and unprepared, sharing with others makes it easier to find the right solutions.

International exchange & learning

People are fascinating and awesome. Especially when and if you have the chance to get to know many different people around the world. Ever since I had the chance to explore new places with my family and to live a life abroad during my school days, I am hooked. No fear of anything new!